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My Story


As a Howard County resident, I have had the pleasure of providing physical therapy services to clients since 1988. My passion for health and fitness began many years ago, when I myself was a teen athlete who sustained a serious knee injury playing soccer. Following surgery, my rehabilitation and my return to the sports I loved inspired me to pursue a career helping others to do the same.


My journey began in New York, where I received my physical therapy degree in 1987. Over the years, I have worked in a variety of settings, including inpatient rehabilitation centers, busy outpatient clinics, hospitals and home health. Since coming to Maryland, I have focused on working with my favorite group of people, senior citizens. Their wisdom and experiences fascinate me, as does their determination to work through injuries and age related changes in order to maintain the highest quality of life possible.  I have made it my mission to help them achieve ALL their goals of living their healthiest and fullest life possible!

My educational background includes:

*Bachelor in Physical Therapy, Russell Sage College, 1987

*Advanced Masters in Physical Therapy, Specialized in Adult Neurological Problems with a Minor in Education, Long Island University, 1994

*Dozens of Continuing Educaiton Courses, including Tai Chi for Health and Wellness, Otago Fall Prevention, Yoga & Pilates in Physical Therapy, McKenzie Back Training, Australian Physiotherapy Pilates Institute, Functional Orthopedics, Neurodevelopmental Training, and much more.


I am currently the Owner/Director of Teresa Heitzmann, MSPT, LLC since 2011. Located at 9170 Rumsey Road, Columbia Md, Physical Therapy services are provided for clients of all ages with an emphasis on working with seniors. 

                   Home PT is also available for those clients who are unable to travel to the clinic due to a recent injury, surgery, or physical ability. PT services include treatment for patients recovering from sports injuries, back/neck problems,  neurological disorders, shoulder injuries, arthritic changes, medical conditions, etc.

I feel incredibly fortunate to have chosen a career that allows me to do what I love, helping others to become the very best they can be, and I look forward to working with every person who walks through my door! 

"I contribute my great recovery to my Physical Therapist, Teresa Heitzmann, who not only correlated with my physician, but helped me get my life back on track! And in this day and age, as a senior citizen, I can't tell you how much that meant to me"

Bea Bengtson

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